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September 17th, 2020 by

As a character in the famous television series “Game Of Thrones” would say, “Winter is coming!” Most of us are ready for the winter fun, hot food and drinks, and the overall festivities. It is pretty hard to live in Minnesota without loving the winter months. As it starts to snow, many ask themselves what is better: snow chains or snow tires?

Pros To Snow Chains

They are cheaper than snow tires.

They work great if you are heading onto roads that are in more remote areas, or smaller towns.

They provide deep traction in deep snow.

Cons To Snow Chains

Taking snow tires on and off can be incredibly inconvenient.

There needs to be a fair amount of snow on the ground in order to warrant using them. If you drive with them on cleared roads it will feel like your tires are in the shape of squares. Chains are also not the best thing for your tires.

You can’t drive quickly.

They can damage your road or driveways.

Snow chains don’t allow you to commute long distances on a regular basis.

If the chains are too big for your vehicle, you can damage the exterior.

Pros To Snow Tires

They can be seen as a long-term investment. If you are good about taking your tires off after the winter, your tires can last you for years to come.

They do not damage roads or your driveway.

The tires will properly fit your vehicle.

You don’t need to remove them on clear days.

You can continue to commute for miles.

Although it is important to drive safe, you don’t have to drive as slow as you would with chains.

If it snows heavily, you don’t have to put on the chains in the middle of a snowpocalypse.

Cons To Snow Tires

New tires can be expensive. (Don’t worry, we offer low prices and even occasional tire specials!)

We want to make sure you are safe, and ready for whatever comes your way this winter. Be sure to visit our service department to ensure all is good under the hood before this winter.

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