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With winter on its way, we start to get into winter mode. It’s exciting really; with the colder nights come an all new set of activities. Between the snowy adventures, fishing, hunting and hot dishes, you can’t help but get a little excited for the change in season. At Rudy Luther Toyota we want you to be set up for success in all aspects of your life, especially transportation.

As you prepare for the months ahead, we want to remind you about your car. Is it ready for winter? Can it handle another snowy Minnesota winter? We have compiled some of the best cars to have this winter from our 2015 inventory. As we prepare for our 2016 inventory, there are many incentives and programs that you may be interested in! Click here to check out our new vehicle specials.

Below we have listed some of the best vehicles to drive this winter in Minnesota:

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD

Everything you need to escape to the cabin for the weekend. Click here to check out the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD.

2015 Toyota 4Runner 4WD

Ready to play? Shop for the 2015 Toyota 4Runner 4WD here.

2015 Toyota Highlander AWD

This 2015 Toyota Highlander features all wheel drive, traction control, incredible safety, and room for everyone! What more could you want? Click here to explore what options we have for you.

2015 Toyota Rav4 4WD

The Toyota RAV4 is one of Minneapolis’s most beloved SUVs. Find what you are looking for by checking out the 2015 Toyota RAV4 in 4WD. Click here!

There are many more vehicles to see! Contact us if you are interested in finding a new vehicle this winter!

Not quite sure if you are ready for winter? Bring your vehicle in! We will make sure all is good under the hood. Have you put on your snow tires yet? We offer value pricing and in the month of November a huge tire incentive program! Check it out! (And HURRY!! The special event ends at the end of November 2015.)

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