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5-Day/500-Mile Return/Exchange
Policy on Used Vehicles

Any gift cards received from returned vehicle purchase must be surrendered.


Excluded Vehicles

(the following purchases are not eligible to be returned)


Business Purpose
Structurally Altered
“As Is”

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Vehicles must be returned for exchange no later than the close of business on the 5th calendar day following the day of delivery and must have been driven fewer than 500 miles. If day 5 is a Sunday or a holiday, the following day will be considered the 5th day.

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as delivered. All returned vehicles will be inspected for damage, abuse or excess wear and tear. If the dealership estimates the damage to be $250 or more, the vehicle is not eligible for refund or exchange.

Only the purchaser may return a vehicle for refund or exchange.

The vehicle must be returned to the selling Luther dealership during normal business hours and be acccompanied by all purchase or lease documents. Cooperation in executing the various forms and documents necessary to rescind the transaction is necessary to expedite this process.

Returns are limited to one per household per year within the Luther Automotive Group.

The Luther Advantage comes included with every new and used vehicle lease or purchase!


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