Toyota and Uber Join Forces for Something Special | Rudy Luther Toyota


Well, this sounds promising.

As you probably know, the conversation of self-driving vehicles is growing louder. We're just a few years away from autonomous driving entering the mainstream. Toyota Motor Company and the popular mobile taxi service Uber are helping us get there.

Toyota is investing in Uber in order to create leasing options where Uber drivers can lease Toyotas with flexible payment plans. They'll also cover their payments through their Uber earnings…
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This Toyota Drove Over 1 Million Miles and Still Looks Great | Rudy Luther Toyota


Do you want to know how durable and reliable Toyotas are? This ought to give you a good idea.

Recently, Toyota lover Victor Sheppard's 2007 Toyota Tundra was just added to the Million Mile Club. Yes, it's less than 10 years old. This man racked up over 100,000 miles A YEAR.

Through all of the wear and tear, this Tundra still has its original paint job, V6 engine and transmission. This is…
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Here's Your First Summer Activity | Rudy Luther Toyota Scion


Summer is coming, Minnesota.

If you're like us, you're ready for warm weather, swimming, going to the lake and laying out in the sun. Some of our favorite memories happened during the summertime.

Most people love to be outside as soon as it starts getting warm. So chances are, you're looking for something fun to do and soon.

We have an idea for you.

Biking is one of our favorite activities, and…
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Toyota is a Step Closer to Creating a Self-Driving Car | Rudy Luther Toyota


Over the past five years, the chatter of autonomous vehicles has grown louder and louder. Toyota just decided to advance the conversation.

Toyota Motor Company just announced they're opening a facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan that'll solely focus on research for a self-driving car. This is the 3rd Toyota facility of its kind. One resides in Palo Alto, CA and another in Cambridge, MA. 

"TWI was drawn to Ann Arbor because of the…
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5 Places in Minnesota That Offer Breathtaking Scenery | Rudy Luther Toyota


If you've lived here for even just a little bit, you know Minnesota offers some phenomenal views. The lakes, nature, mountains, buildings and monuments are some of the the best in the country.

We decided to compile a list of some of our favorites. All of us here at Rudy Luther Toyota have lived here for quite some time and we've fallen in love with our state. These 5 places are some of…
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