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Traveling is often one of the top New Year's Resolutions every single year. People make these grand plans to trek across the country and see so many sights, but a tight budget typically stops them in their tracks.

The thing is, you don't need to go very far to explore. Our great state of Minnesota gives you plenty of opportunities for that.

Our Toyota dealership in Golden Valley, Minnesota has compiled a list of 5 activities for you to do right here, that way you don't have to break the bank in order to fulfill your resolution. This is your perfect chance to knock a few things off for the year and really feel a sense of accomplishment. 

1) Head to a Twins game


There's nothing like headed to the ballpark with your friends, eating hotdogs and watching America's sport. Even if you don't particularly enjoy baseball, it's a chance to get outside, chow down on some great food, get a beer and talk with your friends. You can have fun at a game without actually knowing what's going on. Just saying!

2) Go ice fishing


We're in that time of year where people are really starting to do this. It's freezing and the snow is falling. If you don't mind the cold, get out there and catch you a few.

3) Visit the Minnehaha Falls when it's frozen


It's absolutely breathtaking. This also a really great date idea, and will show your significant other that you're a fun and creative person.

4) Take a scenic drive on Route 61.


It offers some of the best views in the state, such as this. A good old little road trip with some music never hurt anyone.

5) Take a brewery tour


It's fun and informative. What's not to love? We have plenty of breweries in Minnesota. A simple Google search will show you a ton of great places to go.

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